Bodyguard Services Sydney Melbourne
Bodyguard Services Melbourne Glam Security Bodyguards for:  Corporate / Celebrity...

Bodyguard Services Melbourne

Glam Security Bodyguards for:  Corporate / Celebrity / Personal / Domestic

Producers can find with us! Film Extras, TV Extras, Background Extras, Work Castings 


Glam Security Bodyguards Sydney & Melbourne provides corporate & Celebrity clients with close protection with constant security management in high-risk and or high-profile cases, with persons who will need a Glam Security Bodyguards and close protection officers. The door to door protection and 24-hour protection when needed!


Glam Bodyguards are sometimes needed in domestic violence situations when you need our services to re-enter a property or if you have a real threat that you need a personal Glam Bodyguard service 24 hours a day, we have the trained professionals to handle any situation.


Glam Bodyguard drivers can take you anywhere in one of our fleet cars or your vehicle, from short trips to the airport to go to an event, your personal Glam Bodyguard will ensure your safety. Glam Security Bodyguard drivers are not like UBER!  we are licensed to provide this driver service. You have the comfort of knowing that the Bodyguard driver is licensed through the Victorian Police and are trained to protect you and your occupants.

Security Guards in NSW & Vic.
Victoria (03) 9005 7670
Sydney (02) 8003 3553
Mobile 0467 341 387
Services in Sydney & Melbourne
Security Business license: 758-987-02S
NSW Master Licence: 000101552
ASIAL member: 041563

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.31.27 PMPublic Liability $10,000,000 any one occurrence
Products Liability $10,000,000 any one Period of Insurance
Financial Loss $2,000,000 any one Period of Insurance
Cash in Transit $100,000 any one Period of Insurance

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