Birthday Party
Static Guard Melbourne
Do You Need a guard to take care of your assets onsite and over night ? Glam Security has guards available to protect your assets and property from theft / damage, from domestic houses to communities. Call us today: 1300885990 .  Email:   We are open 24 hour 7 Days a week. Our Staff are monitored by a very clever App with GPS GOOGLE MAPPING systems to provide service verification and quality assurance across our guarding operations, this same APP which also gives the logs the movements of personnel on site. This clever App is used via smart phones that is monitored by [...]
Onsite Security For Private Party
Are you throwing a party at your home / Disco ? you will need Onsite security ! One of the most important memories after the nights occasions, after a Deb ball or Formal Event, is the after party, fun late night loud music and alcohol. Our Onsite security guards protect your party from being crashed by other unwanted people. You will Find that Social Media is the invitation for many unwanted guests arriving at your home wanting to join the party. ~ Onsite Crowd control ~ Doorman ~ Invitation list checks ~ Visible deterrent out the front of your Home ~ Perimeter checks [...]