Corporate Expedition
Glamorous Hostess Services
Glamorous Hostess Services Melbourne PRIVATE PARTY SERVICES `When the first impressions matter`` You Need one of our Corporate Security Guards and a Beautiful HOSTESS model for your Private Event ! You have the assurance that the security guard will take care of any trouble, while the Hostess looks after your guests. We also have Costume apparel Models Male & Female for private events. PRODUCT LAUNCH SECURITY Glamorous Security Guards and Hostess Promotional Models are available to hire for your product launch and corporate events. Professionals Models, Exhibition Staff and security guards to assist you in making your occasion special. Select from a [...]
Art Gallery Expedition
Art Gallery Exhibition Or Any Event in Melbourne Glam Security has the security guards ready ! trained experienced professionals that will look after your guest list at the door, do Perimeter checks, carry out Crow control duties and of course be the Visible deterrent. Art Gallery Exhibition are a rare chance to see masterpieces by talented artists Product exhibitions showcases are used to promote exclusive products and services to the invited public.   Planning an Event in 2021 - Security Guard Services CALL US TODAY ON Security Guards in NSW & Vic. Victoria (03) 9005 7670 Sydney (02) 8003 3553 Mobile 0467 341 [...]