Wedding Photography
WEDDING SECURITY GUARDS Most Wedding Reception Venues require security guards for RSA and asset protection purposes, in particular if alcohol is served at the reception. If your venue requires a security guard, or if you just want a security guard for peace of mind, be sure to hire on of our Glam Security licensed and experienced professional. Your Wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life and others. Wedding security staff knows how to ensure liquor stays on premises, how to deal with individuals that may be intoxicated or need to leave and go [...]
Planning an Event in 2021 – Security Guard Services
Planning an Event in 2021 - Security Guard Services We have the experienced security that knows how outdoor events run, and know that sometimes its a cost factor about deciding about security guard hire. Overnight Static Guards for a bump in and bump-outs, Crowd controllers and Cash in transport Armed Guards. First aid station officers and coin Money sorting and note counting services. Security Guard Services available in Sydney NSW and Melbourne Victoria covering some regional areas in both states . Planning an Event in 2021 - Security Guard Services CALL US TODAY ON Security Guards in NSW & Vic. Victoria [...]